Sharing knowledge – growing knowledge

Knowledge fascinates, knowledge opens doors, knowledge keeps us prepared for the ever-quickening transformation of our environment. This is why, at BHS Corrugated, we believe that education is not just strategically important; it’s something we’re truly passionate about. We share our knowledge in order to watch it grow. We do this both within our company and in parts of the world where properly functioning educational structures are still not easily accessible to everyone.

We give people a starting push – so they can give their best

Active involvement in education

Active involvement in education

For analysts – for doers – for practicians

When it comes to providing customers with appropriate solutions, BHS Corrugated is expected to meet a wide variety of requirements. That calls for a variety of training measures. BHS Corrugated has a long and successful history in education, especially vocational training. We want to transmit that knowledge for generations to come. 

Competent Employees are the Key to Success

Competent Employees are the Key to Success

For families – for fitness fanatics – for everyone

As market leader in the corrugated board industry with more than 3,400 employees, eight production sites and more than 20 local subsidiaries, we are a global enterprise. But more than that, we are a family-run company with a family-friendly approach, mixed with the flair of a global player. 

Our success relies on the expertise and abilities of our employees around the world. That is why we invest heavily in the vocational education and training of our employees. We offer vocational training for future professionals at our headquarters in Weiherhammer, Germany, as well as our locations in China and the US. The Recruitment and Training Program is a collaborative effort to train service professionals in Laos for the Asia-Pacific region. The comprehensive continuing education and training offerings at our locations worldwide create career and advancement opportunities for employees within the BHS World.

BHS Corrugated has much to offer employees in the way of family friendliness, health promotion and similar benefits. At our headquarters in Weiherhammer, Germany our employees stay sharp and healthy with the latest know-how, fresh vitamins and even an in-house fitness studio.

Angels for Children Foundation

Angels for Children Foundation

For children – for real opportunities

“Every child in the world – no matter where they were born – should have equal opportunities in life and development possibilities. Our family foundation ‘Angels for Children’ is meant as a small contribution to achieving this objective.”
(Ingrid Engel)

Angels for Children is a charitable foundation created by Ingrid Engel together with her husband, the former managing director of BHS Corrugated Paul Engel, and their sons and current managing directors Lars and Christian Engel in 2003. The foundation funds the schooling of over 1,800 children in two state elementary schools and one middle school in Laos, one of the poorest countries in the world. The goal of the foundation is to help break the cycle of undereducation, unemployment and poverty by providing much-needed equipment and supplementary instructional materials, maintaining and renovating infrastructure and offering a wide range of courses. The foundation does not seek to influence children’s upbringing and education at home and works closely with state authorities, parents and social partners. In the work that it does, the foundation emphasizes the importance of trust and transparency.

And their activities are attracting attention to the issue. In 2015, on the heels of the foundation’s educational outreach, BHS Corrugated decided to establish the Recruitment and Training Programme. Its purpose is to promote vocational training in the region in order continue the work begun by the foundation as well as recruit future employees for the ASEAN region.


This charitable foundation is financed exclusively through donations. All donations are earmarked for the foundation’s projects, so that every cent goes towards improving the children’s opportunities for a good life. Click here for a look at the daily activities of the foundation in Laos.

Good to know: Angels for Children – How you can get involved, too

Account for donations
„Engel für Kinder“ – "Angels for Children (AfC)“
Hypo Vereinsbank AG Weiden
IBAN: DE30 7532 0075 0301 7090 72


Donate via Paypal

A donation receipt can be issued upon request. For a receipt, please provide your address on the donation form or in the Paypal form.

Go to donation page

The foundation regularly posts updates on their Facebook page and the website.


Doing somethng good for the "little princes"

As part of our social responsibility activities, we also fund projects outside the education sector. Our local branch in Curitiba, Brazil, has been donating to the “Hospital Pequeno Principe” (“Little Prince Hospital”) in Curitiba every year since 2016. So far, € 50,000 have been donated. The children’s hospital uses a holistic approach and accepts patients from all over the country. It also trains medical personnel and conducts research.

More on the children's hospital

Asia-Pacific: How to build local know-how

In 2015, we launched the Recruitment and Training Programme (insert link: between BHS Corrugated and the Lao-German Technical College in the Laotian capital of Vientiane. Its goal is to support the work of the Angels for Children Foundation and to connect social outreach with the need for qualified service technicians in the Asia-Pacific region. The program offers graduates of the middle school funded by Angels for Children the opportunity to receive a three-year vocational training stipend. By actively supporting and funding the students, we can help break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. In collaboration with local Laotian businesses, we were able to create an intercorporate training alliance, modeled after the ÜBZO.

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