Training +  From exercise to excellence

The requirements in the corrugated industry are constantly increasing. With Training+, we help your crew master the ever-more demanding tasks of an automated and digitalized production.

Our Training+ offering contains three focus areas – Best of Operation, Best of Maintenance, and Performance Kit. All are characterized by holistic improvements. Participants take a range of ongoing steps until the project closure or final exam. All training contents are individually arranged according to the initial knowledge level.

With Training+, you can close existing skills gap and take your crew to a new level of process and maintenance mastery.

Our Training Concept 

Kick Off / Pretest

Kick Off / Pretest

At the beginning of each training, we assess the current knowledge level of the participants. Based on these results, our trainers arrange the optimum training content.




Our trainers use a balanced mix of theoretical and practical methods to impart the relevant knowledge. In addition to seminars, they also organize practical modules. In regular online support and coaching sessions, our trainers are on hand to offer advice and support. 


Project Closure / Final Exam

Project Closure / Final Exam

At the end of the training, we again assess the participants' knowledge level to ensure their training success.


Our Training+ concept is available for the focus topics Operation, Maintenance and Performance. 


Best of Operation 

Maximum performance of the corrugator can only be achieved by optimally trained operators. By combining the best training courses in the field of operation, your operators will be able to cope with the diverse demands of production. 

Best of Maintenance

Low downtime, prevention of waste and other im-portant KPI’s can only be achieved with a good maintenance. Our program provides your maintenance team with everything they need for optimal corrugator maintenance.

Performance Kit

The third program of Training+ focuses on maximizing the performance. While optimal operation and correct maintenance are the basis for an efficient plant, this program eliminates final process errors. Through a comprehensive analysis, a detailed report, and an optimally coordinated training pro-gram, the entire corrugator team will gain the necessary knowledge to work on your corrugator.