The best of three worlds

We are a family-run business, corporate group, and market leader. For our employees, this means the following: Solidarity and security – and at the same time, diverse opportunities to change yourself and us, help shape our success, and pursue an international career.

Family-run business

As a family-run business, we think and act person to person. Not only do we see the individual employee and his or her performance. We also see the person behind it, their situation in life and personal needs. BHS Corrugated is particularly family-friendly – and will be there for each and every one of them, even in difficult situations.

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Corporate group

Our openness to make change happen has put us in the lead. This entails a wide range of opportunities for each and every one of the employees! As corporate group, we offer compelling projects, deployment opportunities, and promotions worldwide. Our sites operate in a tightly integrated network. The international collaboration binds us together as the BHS Corrugated team while providing us support. At the same time, we rely on advanced digitalized processes. They ensure that changes turn into sustainable success stories for us!

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Leading market position

We owe our leading position to ideas which allow us to move the industry, set trends, and help our clients get ahead. These ideas are developed by the best teams within the industry, such as R&D or production. Our employees have the freedom to develop and contribute ideas. Therefore, everyone at BHS Corrugated is not only a regular employee, but also a co-designer!

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A family-run business, corporate group and market leader: three good reasons to get ahead at BHS Corrugated – and feel good about yourself in the process.

Employee satisfaction

More than 3,400 employees worldwide as well as more than 200 apprentices and students in a dual studies program at the headquarters in Weiherhammer enjoy exciting challenges and design opportunities at BHS Corrugated. The satisfaction of our employees is also reflected in the years of continuous employment: it is 16 years on average.

Instead of job hopping: A career at BHS Corrugated!

Employees who are interested in pursuing a career, whether in manufacturing or management, always receive our full support: Namely, by providing regular training and further development opportunities, financial aid, and, of course, promotion prospects within the company. At BHS Corrugated, you do not have to leave the company in order to transform yourself and move up (at the same location, or internationally)!

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Do you want to make change happen? Find out here, how to start a career and move up at BHS Corrugated.

BHS Corrugated career

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Benefits programs at BHS Corrugated

We go above and beyond – because you are important to us. We want you to feel at home at BHS Corrugated, get involved and achieve your goals...

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Fitness & health

From the fitness app to the gym in the company building: We help our employees to get and stay fit...

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Work-life balance & family

We are a family-friendly business – and support a good work-life balance for everyone at BHS Corrugated...

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It is impossible...

to summarize us in one word. We are innovators, thinkers, visionaries, doers and much more. Get to know (some of) us...

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Entering your professional life: Career, vocational education and training, internship

Whether you are a high school graduate, college student, junior or senior professional: Our company provides you the opportunity to start a career, move up (high) – and always learn something new in the process...

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