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Whether you are a high school graduate, college student, junior or senior professional: BHS Corrugated provides you the opportunity to start a career, move up (high) – and always learn something new, advance, and discover the world in the process. Provided that, in addition to your knowledge and skills, you also bring along a zest for action and plenty of desire for change. Select your job level here, and find out all about your prospects at BHS Corrugated:


Advance with the company shaping the future of the industry: Shape your career as committed and qualified specialist or professional ...

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Intensive training from a champion for vocational education

We cherish our young talents! Therefore, we will help you find and develop your strengths and achieve your goals …

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Top: Dual studies with a market leader

Students from leading colleges meet at BHS Corrugated. With the market leader, the transition from studies to career is smooth ...

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Diverse entry-level career opportunities for college students

Gain valuable experience with the global player already during the course of your studies: with an internship, summer job, or your thesis ...

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For students: All hands on, come check it out

Watch only? Not at BHS Corrugated! Here, you are allowed and are encouraged to participate: in the Tech Camp, during your summer job, or as part of an internship ...

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