Technical Service: Keeping your corrugator running smoothly

Despite all the possibilities offered by remote service, sometimes you just need expert assistance on-site. We not only get your equipment up and running again, but they also help you with prevention and maintenance work. For all your mechanical, electrical, data processing or steam provision needs – BHS Corrugated is here for you with a global service network. From installation and start-up to maintenance and repairs, you can count on expert assistance from our service technicians – worldwide.

Over 650 employees in more than 20 countries – our service network for short distances and long equipment service life.

The service network for the corrugated industry

With more than 50 years of experience in the technical service sector and more than 650 service technicians in more than 20 countries, taking care of your issues and concerns 24/7, BHS Corrugated is the corrugator manufacturer with the most comprehensive and best service network worldwide. This is how we are able to support you with on-site services customized to meet your needs and requirements over the entire lifecycle of your corrugator.

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Installation and commissioning: Off to a great start!

With professional installation and start-up, BHS Corrugated lays the foundation for long-term success of your individual machines and corrugator systems. All parameters and settings are adapted to one another and optimized based on your requirements for production and processes.

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Years of experience, for efficient start-up and smooth operation long-term – installation and start-up.
Careful inspections often make it possible to make lasting improvements.

Inspections: Setting a course for long-term optimization

Despite the latest digital monitoring technologies – many corrugators and processes still require cyclic inspections on-site. Systematic inspections let you make lasting improvements to your machinery and components.

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Maintenance: For the life of your corrugator

Our maintenance services include preventive maintenance for high system availability and ultimately lower your maintenance costs. We also offer coaching to help your own staff handle some or all of these services.

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Preventive measures for longer service life: Regular maintenance keeps your machines and components in top shape.
Remote assistance not an option? Our experts will solve the issue on-site and help you minimize unscheduled downtimes.

Repairs: fast and knowledgeable assistance

If your corrugator goes down, you have to act fast. One call to our service hotline is enough. If the issue cannot be resolved remotely, we will immediately dispatch a highly qualified technician to correct the problem, minimizing downtimes.

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How you can benefit from comprehensive Technical Service

  • Worldwide service network and 24/7 availability
  • Excellently qualified service technicians with extensive experience
  • Comprehensive and flexible maintenance support –inspection, maintenance, repairs
  • Fast, professional resolution of technical problems for high production reliability and reduced downtimes