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Slitter Scorer: A plethora of options – all focused on precision

Depending on your specific slitting and scoring requirements or your desired Dry End order change speeds, BHS Corrugated offers you tailor-made solutions for this process step. These machine modules feature full flexibility and high-precision, high-speed scorer and knife positioning. Each slitter blade comes with an integrated grinding device for a clean cut, guaranteed. This function enables each knife to be automatically re-sharpened at intervals during operation according to linear meters and paper quality.

The features at a glance



“Cutting-edge” stations

BHS Corrugated offers the following Slitter Scorers:

  • SR-V with two scoring stations and one knife station
  • SR-S with two scoring stations and two knife stations

Add to this our unique HyperBlade technology, and you have a scoring machine that lets you perform order changes at speeds of up to 400 m/min. The HyperBlade from BHS Corrugated places a horizontal cut between the different longitudinal cuts and connects them. This enables you to perform continuous order change, as waste sheets are discharged at the main Cutoff.

Optionally, each of the two versions can be equipped with a fully automatic additional scoring station. This allows for up to three scoring shafts. With the use of exchangeable scoring bodies, it also allows you to meet unusual requirements. This also adds flexibility with no need to use “tandem” mode.

Swing-Change technology

Swing-Change technology

Continuous order change

Thanks to our patented Swing-Change technology, the trim knives remain continuously in the web. This helps guarantee smooth order changes with no risk of jam-ups. With the fast and parallel positioning of the tool bodies, even short orders can be produced one after the other without reducing production speeds. This greatly increases the flexibility of the corrugator.

Machine safety

Machine safety

The highest standards

The Slitter Scorers SR-S and SR-V from BHS Corrugated are CE certified according to European industrial standards EN 1010-1 and EN 1010-5.

intelligent Line Following System​ (iLFS)

intelligent Line Following System​ (iLFS)

QR codes on the Slitter Scorer for knife and scorer positioning, for triggering the format change, and for closed-loop readjustment.​

​Camera systems upstream and downstream of the Slitter Scorer make it possible to monitor the preprint from above or below with gapless print image recognition. The QR codes can be captured at corrugator speeds of up to 400 m/min. The iLFS thus performs the following functions:​

  • Automatic positioning of the SR knives and scorers depending on the preprint job.​

  • Automatic triggering of format change and control of splice synchronization ​

  • Live job length tracking and visualization on the corrugator display​

  • Accurate waste detection ​

​Furthermore, the system enables closed-loop readjustment of all knives and scorers in real time. The tool bodies are then readjusted by the deviation of the actual position from the preprint. Furthermore, this feature minimizes the amount of rejects significantly.


QR Code Standard Specifications

Our solutions for your corrugator

Our Portfolio includes single machines, complete lines and connect process- and control systems under the topic Corrugated 4.0.


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