Corrugator Development Plan: The decision-making basis for upgrading your corrugator

Thinking of refurbishing or upgrading your corrugator as an alternative to investing in a new one? With a Corrugator Development Plan from BHS Corrugated, you have a solid foundation for your decision-making: Which Upgrade provides which benefit and where? Which KPIs would improve? And which individual machines should you target?

Corrugator Development Plan – intelligent planning for the right Upgrades

Based on a comprehensive analysis of your corrugator, we work with you to identify potential improvements. On this basis, we make specific Upgrade recommendations, conveniently summarized and submitted to you as your Corrugator Development Plan.

This clearly structured action plan specifies the benefits of each recommended measure, the individual machines to be upgraded, the implementation period and the sum to be invested. So you can plan your investments comprehensively and far in advance.

The Corrugator Development Plan comprises two parts:

  • With Obsolescence Management, we assess the versions and availability of components – and compile a concept that ensures long-term operational reliability, even in the event of components being discontinued on short notice.
  • In conjunction with Performance Upgrades, we investigate the short, medium and long-term options for boosting the performance of your existing corrugator.