NICE Cassette: Setup, sped up

NICE Cassette supplements the corrugating roll supply for your Modul Facer®, comprising cassettes with prefabricated and preadjusted corrugating rolls. This reduces the setup time on the machine.

NICE Cassette

  • Technical Inspection of the Modul Facer® MF-A
  • Paper quality analysis
  • Supply, storage and transportation of high-quality products
  • Installation and adjustment of corrugating rolls, glue applicator rolls and squeeze rolls
  • Maintenance and repair of corrugating rolls and cassettes
  • Emergency roll replacement
  • Remote connection of the defined Modul Facer® MF-A:
    • To capture the operating status
    • Online access for BHS Corrugated experts

  • Reduction of investment costs for corrugating rolls and cassettes
  • Increase of performance and productivity
  • Financial and performance risk covered by BHS Corrugated
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