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With more than 3,400 employees in over 20 countries, we are the market leader for corrugated box plants, a global service networker for Industry 4.0, and the leading vocational education and training instructor in our region: Our strength is that we are bold to constantly innovate and move forward! In addition, we provide the best terms for all who are open to change, strive to get ahead and make a difference!

Innovations require open space. We have created open space in our state-of-the-art Lifecycle Building at our headquarters in Weiherhammer (free of right angles for that matter: therefore, ideas cannot end up in the corner, but rather pick up pace while unfolding within the wide open space). Open to the seemingly impossible, ready for any exciting challenge, while providing work conditions which inspire to make a difference and change.

Change leads to success. Also on a personal level. Whoever strives to grow, whether within her or his own position, or to get to the top, will find the doors wide open at BHS Corrugated in production, research & development, sales and management alike. In our case, Industry 4.0 will not replace people, but rather network people. With this future in view, we are in need of the best hands and minds! Therefore, we rely on lifelong education. This is to ensure that visions turn into successful products – and our openness to change into reliable careers, e.g. for technical experts, executives and project managers both on-site or internationally.

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Try out everything! Kui Hou, Project Manager

In China, Kui Hou was trained to be a goalkeeper. Today, his goalkeeper instincts help him in his job...

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Change the game! Karl Ruhland, R&D Manager

Karl Ruhland is manager of "one of the most exciting development projects in the history of the company": RSR®, the game changer within the corrugated industry...

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We are irreplaceable! Markus Stemmer, Mechanics Team Leader

Markus Stemmer was trained at BHS Corrugated, has never left the company – and has gone places, in the world and up the ladder...

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It is impossible...

to summarize us in one word. We are innovators, thinkers, visionaries, doers and much more. Get to know (some of) us...

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Entering your professional life: Career, vocational education and training, internship

Whether you are a high school graduate, college student, junior or senior professional: Our company provides you the opportunity to start a career, move up (high) – and always learn something new in the process...

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