Fitness & health

What helps us to get fit and stay healthy? Theoretically, we all know the answer: Exercising, relaxing and a good diet. We make it easy for our employees to put theory into practice, and, above all, directly at their workplace! At BHS Corrugated, you stay on top of things and on the go. Our "BHS fitness" app literally keeps you up to speed – and you always find like-minded people within our Intranet community.

Your health is important to us. Not only, as we value your energy on the job. But rather, because all our employees are important to us as people. As a family-run company, especially, we also feel responsible for your well-being – we do so gladly, and with conviction.

Fitness, exercise & recreation

Are you interested in getting fit (again), at your own pace, and according to your type? Take off in a new sport? Improve your level together with others? Even in the field of fitness and health, we support your openness to change. Burn off energy in our company gym, available around the clock (24/7), join the running group, or participate in an exercise class. Whether TRX, spinal exercises, pilates or indoor cycling – you are guaranteed to find "your" choice that is fun and keeps you fit. With our InBody body fat scales, you can check your personal fitness level and personal development at any time.

Get your body in shape, clear your head: Enjoy burning off energy in our gym!
In the wellness area: A young man is lying in a plastic capsule that is open on the sides.
Relaxed into the future: In our Lifecycle building in Weiherhammer, a state-of-the-art lounger invites to take a powernap.
Some people jogging on company premises.
"Are you coming along?“ Our headquarters are situated directly on the water. Once around the lake during lunch break? Easy!
It is not just exercise that is good for us. So are short breaks to relax, the exchange with others... We take care of the beverages and a pleasant environment. All you have to do, is to motivate your break partner...

Massage & meditation for your mental health

Stressed? Uptight? Not with us! We have developed options for the small breaks to be taken to relax, which are important for our body and mind. For example, our massages offered provide you a restful break from everyday life. Or are you rather interested in finding your way into tranquility and relaxation with some meditation? We offer our employees a meditation app at discounted rates.

Information & registration using the "BHS fitness" app

Our "BHS fitness" app informs you about all the classes offered. Furthermore, courses and massages can be booked via the app – of course with appointment reminders. (Reading tip: Find out more about the digital workplace at BHS Corrugated here!)

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Health classes: It is even better that way

How do I throw together a quick and delicious dish as a source of energy? What is good for the heart and circulation? How do I escape this source of stress? Find out how: Our health classes provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills. Our goal is to challenge and support you! In doing so, we organize

  • an annual health day,
  • workshops, from the apprentice cooking class to the non-smoker training,
  • lectures regarding many of the latest health topics, as well as
  • cross-country ski classes,
  • running workshops to get fit for the annual "Upper Palatinate Company Run" ("Nordoberpfälzer Firmenlauf" (NOFI-Lauf))!


Prevention: Staying healthy from A to Z

Preventing work-related illnesses, detecting potential health risks early on: Our prevention package naturally includes the care through our company medical office. If you are interested in boosting your health with treatment at a health resort (health cure), or if you need dentures or glasses, you will be able to receive subsidies through the provident fund.

Nutrition: Balanced & simply good!

A good diet provides us energy for the day, promotes our concentration, and helps us to stay fit and in shape. Every day, the team of our company restaurant NEWS prepares meals, which score high with their deliciousness and balanced nutrient levels! You order and pay conveniently via our restaurant app (which also provides all information regarding the nutritional values and ingredients). By the way: Lunch in our NEWS restaurant is available at discounted rates for employees. And on top of it: Tea, coffee and water are free of charge.

We will be by your side. Even in difficult times of your life.

Integrative cancer treatment (Partner: St. Marien hospital)

Suffering from cancer is a challenge for body and mind alike. We are determined to support employees who are suffering from cancer in dealing with the disease and getting well. Therefore, we pay the full cost of integrative oncology treatments at St. Marien hospital in Amberg.

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Integrative oncology accompanies the conventional cancer therapy. It does not focus on the illness, but rather on the whole human being. Its goal: Alleviate side effects (for example, of radiation or chemotherapy), and improve the quality of life: through exercise, healthy diet, relaxation, psychological care and/or arts therapy.

Grief counselling (Partner: Nicolaidis YoungWings Foundation)

Death and grief are taboo issues in many companies. However, sooner or later, the loss of a loved one will affect any of us. The pain caused by the loss cannot (and should not) simply be "faded out" in the workplace. If you need somebody to talk to, want to exchange your thoughts with others, or, if you have specific questions, our cooperation partner will be there for you: the Nicolaidis YoungWings foundation who counsel and care for thousands of people.

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