Lifecycle Corr Services: always at your side – on site or remotely

Maximum availability, productivity, quality and profitability – as a corrugator operator, you face many different and complex challenges every day. We have decades of experience in the corrugated board sector, much of it spent working closely with you, our customers. So we are well familiar with the requirements of the industry. When it comes to service, our slogan is “Better across the board!” That is why Lifecycle Corr Service is geared to providing you with support throughout the lifetime of your corrugator. Get the scope of services that you need and want. Lifecycle Services from BHS Corrugated bundle the flexibility of individual solutions, custom combinations and comprehensive solution programs.

Whether it is fast and straightforward assistance with an individual situation or ongoing support – we have the right solution for your needs. And when your requirements expand, our service expands to accommodate them.

Markus Winkler, Head of Business Unit Lifecycle, BHS Corrugated

Corrugating rolls as the central component of every corrugator.

Corrugating rolls: everything revolves around the roll

They help give the corrugated board the desired shape – corrugating rolls must be precisely adapted to the specific requirements. From development to production, logistics and consulting – we are your one-stop shop for corrugating rolls.

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Spare Parts: highly available for high plant availability

When you urgently need a Spare Part or the right lubricant, we have just the service for you – and it is even available online.

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Spare parts – the service we provide you.
Productivity Service & Training from BHS Corrugated.

Productivity Service & Training: Expert know-how for experts

The technical condition of your corrugator is as crucial for productivity as the process technology you use or how experienced your staff is. Our Productivity Service is designed to boost your overall equipment effectiveness. And the comprehensive training portfolio lets your workers acquire the specific expertise they need.

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Upgrades: always at the cutting edge

Corrugators remain in operation for decades and are extremely durable machines. To keep them up to date with the latest technology, we offer upgrades and system refurbishments that boost your productivity and help give you an edge over the competition.

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Upgrades to keep you at the cutting edge of technology.
Technical Services – our experts ensure the maximum availability of your corrugator.

Technical Services – for the maximum availability of your corrugator

With our Technical Services, the BHS Corrugated experts ensure the maximum availability of your corrugator. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your corrugator, you can rely on our global network – from installation and commissioning to inspections, maintenance, and repair.

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Process technology in corrugated board production is a very complex issue. Very important is good and constant board quality. Therefore, it is…
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