Tailored to your requirements – corrugator lines from BHS Corrugated

As an leading company, BHS Corrugated offers a wide range of individual machines. Our carefully assembled portfolio of corrugator lines is optimally adapted to meet the needs of every customer. From affordable corrugator lines for modest local markets to highly flexible lines – equipped with a plethora of automation features – to solutions that ensure maximum productivity for the long term. And every corrugator from BHS Corrugated comes with outstanding quality and reliability guaranteed. So, invest in the future of your corrugator today, and let us make your operations more profitable than ever.

Which excels at what? The strengths and features of our corrugator lines.

“One size fits all” – still the right approach today?

Until recent years, corrugated board manufacturers had just two options to choose from. Either they go with a ready-made corrugator layout barely able to accommodate local or regional market requirements. Or they opt for the time-consuming route of assembling their own tailored corrugator from individual components. End-to-end corrugator lines from BHS Corrugated give you the best of both worlds. They are perfectly adapted to a variety of market requirements – particularly with regard to differing production yield and automation needs. At the same time, they also offer a wide assortment of individual options, giving you a corrugator line that is practically unique – all with the time-saving advantages of a tried and tested solution.

Our solutions for your corrugator

Our Portfolio includes single machines, complete lines and connect process- and control systems under the topic Corrugated 4.0.


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Corrugator Training Seminar Advanced
Process technology in corrugated board production is a very complex issue. Very important is good and constant board quality. Therefore, it is…
Corrugator Online Training Seminar Basic
Process technology in corrugated board production is a highly complex issue. Different papers are processed under heat influence with adhesive to flat…
Corrugator Online Training Seminar Advanced
Process technology in corrugated board production is a very complex issue. Very important is good and constant board quality. Therefore, it is…
Paper and Corrugated Board Applications
During this training, we provide the knowledge that is required to use paper in a proper way. Understanding the typical differences between the used…

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