Stacker: Neatly stacked, every time!

The goal of any corrugated board production operation is to end up with flat, perfectly bonded and precisely stacked corrugated sheets. Stacking is where the Stacker AS-M from BHS Corrugated comes in. Our Stacker offers short cycle times and perfect stack formation. So even the shortest orders with quickly growing stacks are no problem for the Stacker concept from BHS Corrugated.

The features at a glance

Stack quality

Stack quality

The competition can’t stack up

The Stacker is available as a Simplex version with one stack chamber, Duplex with two or Triplex with three stack chambers. We customize the size of the stack chambers according to your requirements. And stack quality is always the first priority. High stack quality begins right at the entrance to the Stacker – with the sectionally controllable vacuum belts in the brush brake station. Since the vacuum can be adjusted according to quality, this function offers a considerable advantage, especially for light grammages and small format sheets. Stack quality is also enhanced tremendously by the automatic, variable drop height adjustment. Finally, the geometrically optimized transport belt sections equally contribute significantly to the optimization of stack quality. They ensure that sheets remain in contact with the belts as long as possible and are thus delivered precisely into the stacking chamber.



Ups or downs – we do it all

The Stacker is available as an Upstacker, Downstacker or a combination of both. Notably, the Upstacker offers a particularly fast cycle time of 12 seconds to full stack height. As for small stacking heights of 500 mm for extremely short orders, the Upstacker boasts a cycle time of just 8.5 seconds. BHS Corrugated Stackers feature cutting-edge control systems that work in perfect concert with the automation. This allows you to simultaneously produce multiple orders on one level. It is also possible to combine several orders in one stack by multi-stacking with a BHS Corrugated Stacker. The Stacker does not have to be monitored by more than one operator at any time, and the number of stacking chambers has no influence on the personnel costs.

Ejection and stacking

Ejection and stacking

Quality comes standard

In the stacking area, BHS Corrugated also has a solution for ejecting scrap sheets coming from the Cutoff. Waste belts from BHS Corrugated easily eject more than three sheets at speeds of up to 400 m/min.

Our product portfolio also includes a Stacker for endless board production. This is our Stacker AS-F model – another top-of-the-line design from BHS Corrugated.

Machine safety

Machine safety

The highest standards

Both the Stacker AS-M and the Stacker AS-F from BHS Corrugated are CE certified according to European industrial standards EN 1010-1 and EN 1010-5.


BHS Corrugated acquires UNIVERSAL, the leading solution provider for continuous Fanfold corrugated board

With effect from September 2020, BHS Corrugated has taken over all shares of UNIVERSAL Corrugated B.V. from MINDA Industrieanlagen GmbH. 

With the…

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Our solutions for your corrugator

Our Portfolio includes single machines, complete lines and connect process- and control systems under the topic Corrugated 4.0.


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Process technology in corrugated board production is a very complex issue. Very important is good and constant board quality. Therefore, it is…
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