Governance: Clear-cut rules as a foundation for success

A market leader is rightfully expected to act properly, professionally and transparently in all matters. After all, you want to know that you can fully rely on our partnership and not just on our products. That is why good governance is a value we live out every day. The corporate policies of BHS Corrugated – collectively referred to as governance – establish clear-cut rules with regard to compliance, quality management, supplier management and Supply Chain Management.

Compliance at BHS Corrugated
Clear guidelines and a willingness to listen – that is compliance management at BHS Corrugated.

Compliance: doing the right thing, the right way

Our company, our staff and everyone involved in our supply chain firmly believe in fair and proper business practices. Visit our compliance page for key info on what we do and how you can contribute.

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Quality management: certified in the future

When it comes to the quality of our products and services, we never compromise. Because you are entitled to expect a corrugator that gives you a productive edge on the competition. Our quality management system gives us a solid foundation from which to rise to this challenge.

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Quality management at BHS Corrugated
Quality management: the reliable path to the quality that you are entitled to expect.
Flow production at BHS Corrugated
Flow production in Weiherhammer, Germany – a core component of our Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management: Everything is interconnected

Individual machines and corrugators need to perform as required, reliably and cost-effectively. This is where BHS Supply Chain Management comes in – from our strict supplier selection process and our production organization to assembly and installation. One of the core components is flow production, which is integrated at the new BHS Corrugated headquarters in Weiherhammer, Germany. This is a strategy that ensures short transport distances, minimal interim storage periods and fast lead times.

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Sustainability at BHS Corrugated

From efficient use of resources to consistent recycling of materials – we work sustainably. We have been doing it for years.

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The future comes with responsibilities

Taking responsibility – with our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. One of our core focuses is on sustainability through education.

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