Welcome to the team!

BHS Corrugated combines the friendliness of a family business, the career opportunities of a market leader and the job security of a corporation. Our workers are the foundation of our success. Continuous advancement is our main focus. Experience and new ideas strengthen the capability of our company. Welcome to our international team!

>2,500 employees

Locations in over 20 countries

Sustainable and long-term corporate success

>100 trainees and integrated degree students (Weiherhammer, Germany)

People are our top priority

Experience the future today

8 production sites around the world

Ø 16 years of employment

Our international success has many faces – the faces of our employees!

Each of our over 2,500 individual employees makes their own unique contribution to the success of our company and the successful continuation of the BHS Corrugated story. Our staff are excellent at what they do. Thanks to them, BHS Corrugated’s visions for the technologies of the future are becoming a reality.

This is why, when we select new hires, we not only look at professional qualifications but also emphasize soft skills like dedication, passion and team spirit. Equally important are innovative drive, vision and creative power, as well as interest in further education and the desire to be a lifelong learner.

We offer you the friendliness of a family business, the career opportunities of a market leader and the long-term job security of a corporation. See for yourself. Get to know us, and become an active part of our company.

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Origin story of BHS Corrugated

From an ironworks founded in 1717 to the lifecycle company for the corrugated industry in the digital age – the history in between spans a good 300 years and a whole world unto itself. A look at the exciting history of BHS Corrugated.

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BHS Corrugated – employer of the future

As a market-leading technology provider and a job engine for an entire region, BHS Corrugated plans to invest even more heavily in attracting employees.

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Flow production in Weiherhammer

These investments and the new organization they are funding will serve to consolidate and expand our position as a market leader through more effective processes and structures.

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The Lifecycle Building in Weiherhammer

The Engel family of entrepreneurs is investing about 65 million euros in the construction of the sophisticatedly designed Lifecycle Building, an all-new, cutting-edge assembly hall, a corrugating roll production set-up and a restaurant for employees and customers.

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