Belt meets cassette: The new Cassette Facer CF-A from BHS Corrugated


With the launch of the Cassette Facer CF-A, BHS Corrugated has added another model to its range of single-sided machines. Positioned between the Econo Facer EF-P and Modul Facer® MF-A in the requirements profile, the CF-A is aimed at customers who want to use cassette machines with proven belt technology, especially for lighter grammages.

It was important to BHS Corrugated to rely on proven MF-A components and to maintain a compact installation space, similar to the EF-P. This makes the CF-A particularly suitable for retrofitting in existing corrugators where space is limited. Emphasis was also placed on an "easy-to-maintain cassette facer", which is why vacuum technology is used to hold the flute on the corrugating roll.

The new single facer was designed especially for the markets in Europe, North America and the Middle East and their growing demand for lighter paper qualities and improved printability.

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