We do more. Because you are important to us.

Your knowledge, your abilities, your personal development and your positive motivation – all this matters to us. We are not happy unless you see BHS Corrugated as an exemplary employer that you enjoy working for. And we are willing to put in the effort: from long-term further education and development plans to special support for trainees and voluntary social benefits for all employees.

Individual instruction and further education

At BHS Corrugated, we believe that life-long learning and continuing personal and professional education are key pillars of our company strategy. We support our employees by assuming up to 100% of the cost for job-related qualification programs, special courses and language studies as well as technical courses and vocational programs.

Our subsidiary, the UEBZO Inter-Company Training Center, together with our partner school, the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden, greatly assist this effort with high-quality educational offerings directly on-site.

Special benefits for training and integrated degree programs

In addition to the aforementioned benefits for all our employees, our trainees and students enjoy a number of advantages, above and beyond what most companies offer:

  • Annual party for trainees
  • Free English classes
  • Certified first-aid classes (e.g. for driver’s license test)
  • Financial supplement and time off for driver’s license exam
  • Reimbursement of commuting expenses to attend vocational school
  • Free work clothes

Other benefits

Qualitative Benefits:

  • Free work clothes of Engelbert Strauss for our industrial workers
  • Unique fitness area 24/7 with training courses and individual training support free of charge
  • Comprehensive health management
  • Typically, individual work arrangements, incl. flextime and working time account
  • Opportunity to collaborate on transnational projects and work abroad
  • Subsidized lunch at the NEWS company restaurant
  • Provision of drinks (coffee, tea, water) free of charge
  • Awards and bonuses for work anniversary
  •  Extra time off for special occasions (birth, wedding, anniversary...)
  • 30 days of vacation
  • Special conditions and discounts


Monetary Benefits:

  • Trans-regionally attractive wages
  • Vacation and Christmas bonuses
  • Bonuses for suggestions for improvement
  • Services for occupational pension schemes, incl. professional consultation
  • Employee pension fund
  • Group accident insurance

Optimal work environment

Did you know that BHS Corrugated has invested around 65 million Euros in its newly designed headquarters?
The futuristic office complex and the new assembly shop, including line production and extended corrugating roll production, also comprise two new restaurants, open to all employees as well as locals. The Lifecycle Building was established as a place of transparency, communication and autonomy to support our mission to transform BHS Corrugated into a Lifecycle Company in the digital era. The open office design, the lounges, the communication level, the high-concentration area, the library and the state-of-the-art equipment – everything is designed to facilitate communication, simplify teamwork, encourage autonomy and foster innovation.

Family and career

Family and career – at BHS Corrugated, we help parents manage the two. As a family-owned company, we offer our employees a wide range of voluntary benefits: from new baby gifts to childcare supplements and the chance to apply for a recreational vacation bonus. We even offer a childcare program for summer vacation and Buß- und Bettag (Day of Repentance and Prayer).

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Health and fitness

Be well and stay well – the BHS Corrugated health management program offers preventive healthcare of all kinds: qualified company physician, massage services, free fruit and beverages… We even have a fitness center where you can work out anytime, – 24 hours a day.

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Origin story of BHS Corrugated

From an ironworks founded in 1717 to the lifecycle company for the corrugated industry in the digital age – the history in between spans a good 300 years and a whole world unto itself. A look at the exciting history of BHS Corrugated.

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BHS Corrugated – employer of the future

As a market-leading technology provider and a job engine for an entire region, BHS Corrugated plans to invest even more heavily in attracting employees.

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Flow production in Weiherhammer

These investments and the new organization they are funding will serve to consolidate and expand our position as a market leader through more effective processes and structures.

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The Lifecycle Building in Weiherhammer

The Engel family of entrepreneurs is investing about 65 million euros in the construction of the sophisticatedly designed Lifecycle Building, an all-new, cutting-edge assembly hall, a corrugating roll production set-up and a restaurant for employees and customers.

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