Everything you need to know about your application

“You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”
- Arthur Schopenhauer -

As it is in life, so it is with a job application – the first impression is often the one that sticks. This sometimes very brief encounter between people is enough to decide intuitively how sympathetic we find one another. A written application works very similarly.

A well-written application represents the first major hurdle on the way to a new job. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd right from the beginning.

Writing a professional application

From the moment they start assembling their application file, many applicants are faced with an important question – how should I put together my application so as to make the best possible first impression on the company?

Do I need a special photo? How should my resume be structured? What needs special attention? Are there specific guidelines to be observed? What documentation do I need to include?
These are just a few of the potential questions that an applicant may have.

Here in the BHS Corrugated HR department, we understand how uncertain the application process can be, and we want to help you out. To give you some guidance and support, we have compiled a few simple tips for you to consider as you complete your application. Take this opportunity to let your personality and unique skill set shine through with a personalized and professionally written application.

Step 1: Application documents

In order to be complete, an application must include the following documents:
  • informative and individually prepared cover letter
  • tabular resume with relevant information and an application photo
  • copies of credentials
  • documentation of performance records and other qualifications
  • Pay special attention: Make sure that all your documents are accurate and complete
  • Make sure your contact information is spelled correctly
  • Use our online application process
  • What seems especially important to us: Give your application a personal flair
  • Why are you interested in working at our company?
  • What makes you stand out?
  • What is self-evident to us: In addition to being free of spelling mistakes, your documents should have an appropriate layout/format.

Make sure your documents have a consistent structure and a clear, simple format.

Step 2: Job interview

Once your documents have been submitted, verified and assessed, the next step is to invite potential candidates for a job interview.

To make the best possible impression in your job interview, follow these simple rules:

  • Being on time and having a well-groomed appearance are minimum requirements
  • Win us over with friendliness and an open and honest attitude
  • Show us that you really want to join our team
  • Read up on our company, products and employees ahead of time
  • Show interest by preparing your own questions
  • Just be yourself!

Best of luck with your application! We look forward to meeting you.

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