BHS Corrugated supports local sports clubs with a generous donation


BHS Corrugated supports the Förderverein Fußball Weiherhammer 1998 e.V. and FC Kaltenbrunn with a generous donation for the renovation of their sports facilities. 

"Supporting local sports clubs has always been a central concern for BHS Corrugated," emphasizes Christian Engel, spokesman for the board of BHS Corrugated. "Sport not only promotes physical health, but also important values such as team spirit, cohesion and a sense of community." 

In order to continue to support the clubs in their voluntary work, BHS Corrugated is covering around half of the costs incurred for the renovation of the sports facilities, which are estimated to total €75,000. The donation of €37,500 was split equally between the two sports clubs. The municipality of Weiherhammer will also bear part of the renovation costs. Together, the sponsors are thus sending a sign of appreciation to the numerous volunteers.

The renovation measures are an investment in the future for the sports clubs and will benefit children and young people in particular.