iCorr® Assist Glasses – Try it out now without obligation!

You are interested in the benefits of iCorr® Assist Glasses, but are not yet sure whether this kind of technology is the right product for your plant and your employees? In this case, BHS Corrugated offers you the possibility of testing our glasses for two weeks. For this test period, you will be provided with the required hardware and the corresponding licenses.

Thus, the actual users, e.g., your maintenance staff, can make themselves familiar with the application and experience the potential of the solution through direct use on different equipment in your plant. Take the opportunity to become familiar with all useful features and find out where in your company you can make use of iCorr® Assist Glasses to ease a number of processes.  

If you are interested in testing iCorr® Assist Glasses without obligation, please turn to our contact at BHS Corrugated. Jointly plan your individual test, and how to proceed further. 

You would like to get more detailed information about iCorr® Assist Glasses?

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