Open House Event by BHS Corrugated Customers experienced the future of corrugated board production at first hand


Technology and innovation are keywords for the corrugated industry of the future. BHS Corrugated is putting both into practice with the Box Plant 2025. To give its customers a first-hand insight into this future strategy, the company invited them to Münster and Greven in Germany for an Open House event on April 19, 2023.

Over 80 representatives of the corrugated board industry worldwide accepted the invitation to experience Box Plant 2025 up close. The event offered the guests a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments and innovations from BHS Corrugated and exchange ideas with industry experts. From innovative corrugator lines to automated intralogistics solutions, numerous impressive demonstrations illustrated what the future of corrugated board production will look like. One of the highlights was the demonstration of the world's first digital printing press, the JETLINER®. It prints in high-quality at high speeds direct on the top liner in real-time, enabling new possibilities for individual and personalized packaging solutions, including variable data, covering the complete product portfolio of a modern box plant.

The Box Plant 2025

The Box Plant 2025 is a groundbreaking concept from BHS Corrugated for the future corrugated box plant. In his welcoming speech, Managing Director Lars Engel explained the key facts of the visionary concept right at the event’s start. It comprises a complete and coherent portfolio of future-oriented solutions and services. The aim is to increase productivity across the entire corrugated box plant while at the same time reducing costs. Many products and solutions for Box Plant 2025 are already available today. Customers can start immediately with it - and retrofit future innovations. With Box Plant 2025, BHS Corrugated promises a self-learning, energy-efficient, lean, and demand-oriented factory. Corrugated board manufacturers can react more flexibly to customer requirements and new market situations - while optimizing all input and output factors of their production.

Presentations and spotlights in the Experience Hub provide many impulses

Following Lars Engel, the heads of the BHS Corrugated business units took over the stage in the Experience Hub. They presented the latest innovations in their respective areas. The participants of the Open House thus experienced first-hand how BHS Corrugated's offering of ever-improving corrugators, the use of digital single-pass printing, and lifecycle services can advance their businesses. They learned how the concepts help them solving challenges as well as how they open new ways for increased productivity and profitability of corrugated factories. During subsequent discussions at various booths in the Experience Hub as well as during further presentations on stage, experts from BHS Corrugated invited their guests to think further in line with the motto "Think Beyond".

In "The Power of Variable Data" it was explained how BHS Corrugated supports its customers in automating, connecting, and simplifying processes by using variable data and QR codes and offering a workflow system and toolbox for handling and editing variable data. "Future proof corrugator features" covered the latest technical innovations for corrugators from BHS Corrugated, such as using QR codes in corrugated manufacturing, resource monitoring for more sustainable production, and FastAutoAux for more flexibility in the Dry End. In “Lifecycle Services– From Maintenance to Productivity” the extension of the M2P® concept from BHS Corrugated was then presented. M2P® Operations means: Experienced experts from BHS Corrugated provide support or take over operation of the corrugator to further improve its availability and performance. The last Spotlight “Pay-Per-Output – One-Stop-Shop Package” focused on a Pay-Per-Output model for BHS Corrugated equipment. This model makes the costs of operating a corrugated plant almost 100% variable and gives customers more cost transparency.

Factory Tour at Schumacher Packaging Group in Greven: A look behind the scenes

One of the highlights of the day was an exclusive factory tour at Schumacher Packaging Group in Greven, Germany, where the single-pass printing system of BHS Corrugated - the JETLINER® -, BHS intralogistics solutions and the latest developments in corrugators were presented. Guided by experts from BHS Corrugated, the participants went on a tour along one of the most modern corrugators.

Digital Printing: Opportunities for the corrugated industry

Digital Printing has become increasingly important in the corrugated industry in recent years. While traditional printing methods are limited, digital printing enables flexible and efficient packaging production. At the Open House event, the digital printing process was demonstrated to public for the first time. In particular, the advantages and potential of digital printing were highlighted. From personalized packaging solutions to short production cycles and reduced material consumption, digital printing opens new possibilities for the corrugated industry. Therefore, the JETLINER® from BHS Corrugated is one of the key innovations within the Box Plant 2025.

Networking opportunities

The Open House event not only offered participants an insight into the future of the corrugated board industry but also promoted exchange and networking among industry representatives. In personal discussions with experts from BHS Corrugated, the guests were able to ask questions, exchange experiences and make new contacts.

Lars Engel thanked all guests for participating in the event: "For us, it was one of the most significant events in the history of BHS Corrugated, but perhaps also in the history of the corrugated industry. It was a pleasure for us to take you on a journey into the future of corrugated board production."