The most modern assembly line for Splicers starts operation at BHS Corrugated in Shanghai


With the new assembly line for the latest generation of the Splicer SP, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to raise our standards for the production quality of single machines once again. This introduction is the prelude to further modernizations at our production plant in Shanghai, with the aim of sustainably increasing flexibility and lead time.

The new production line is designed for a continuous "one-piece flow". The central element of the new line is the AGV unit (Automated Guided Vehicle), which acts as a kind of "mobile platform" to transport the modules from the first to the last of four assembly stations. The higher degree of automation on the new assembly line is also reflected in the reduced time required to mount different Splicer models.



The advantages of the new, modular line include several different aspects. For example, a significant reduction in material handling and thus an increase in internal safety standards can be achieved through its use. The higher level of automation also allows for more flexibility in the assignment of workers to the respective stations. They can be specialized in specific tasks - a prerequisite for reducing error rates and increasing delivery quality.


Beyond improvements in quality and safety, the newly installed line creates the basis for a further increase in assembly capacity, which is reflected in a possible growth of production quantities of the Splicers. With the use of this state-of-the-art technology, we are able to assemble more than 500 Splicers per year. As a result, we can offer our customers shorter delivery times.

The exceptional functionality and quality of Splicers "Made by BHS Corrugated" ensures trouble-free continuous operation of the corrugator in the Wet End and thus contributes significantly to increasing production output. The extreme flexibility of the Splicer SP is demonstrated by the fact that it can process all commercially available paper qualities from 80 to 440 g/m².

The TripleControl function guarantees precise web tension control even under complex operating conditions. The heat transfer from the heating cylinders to the paper is optimized by its use in such a way that it is possible to achieve splice speeds of up to 500 m/min. At the same time, the Splicer SP can be easily integrated into existing corrugators, thus ensuring high machine availability!

Another particular strength of the new Splicer generation is its improved user-friendliness. The concept is designed to efficiently support the operator in machine control, especially in the preparation of the splice and to reduce the operator's workload. The service diagnostics system provides a better overview and faster access to essential information. Maximum safety is also guaranteed using quality components (F-CPU) and the approval of the trade association with the GS mark.

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