FLEX Line:

Nothing’s too far out

Extended perspective

FLEX Line:

Nothing’s too far out

Holistic optimization

FLEX Line:

Nothing’s too far out

Overall competitiveness

FLEX Line: Think beyond integration

Is change the only constant in your industry? From long-term customer demands to short-term order changes? FLEX Line is the holistic solution package that keeps your factory agile. It's intelligent because it decides and adapts by itself. It's integrative because it's open to any technology you need. Including the innovations that help you change the game – from autonomous intralogistics to digital printing. Whenever you think it's time.

The most consistent implementation of Box Plant 2025.

Your benefits

Overall throughput

End-to-end digital, coordinated, resource-optimized, and time-optimized

Plant footprint

Reducing process-induced carbon emissions to the absolute minimum

Resource efficiency

Get more from your time, raw materials, and energy – cost-efficient and sustainable

Reduced TCO

Tackling cost drivers with automation and digitalization – for the long-term

6 Technology topics

that define agile corrugating

Let's stop thinking of incremental improvements.

Let's optimize factories.

FLEX Line is the answer if your success depends on multiple criteria beyond volume. If you want to respond to fast-changing customer demands. If you can't afford to waste time, raw materials, heat, and power. It’s the concept of choice if you want to be ready to integrate future-proof technologies anytime – including autonomous intralogistics and digital printing. That's FLEX Line.

If you can think it, you can do it.

Open for whatever you need.

FLEX Line is almost 100% versatile. The only parameter that's fixed is the 2.80 m working width – ideal for both digital printing and automated roll logistics. Everything else is your choice: Integrate and upgrade any Box Plant 2025 technologies that support your goals. Configure your Single Facer using modules. Choose the right implementation time in line with your strategy – even years after the initial investment. That's FLEX Line.

Jetliner® has proven everything. Except for “being impossible”.

Ready if you are.

FLEX Line features digital printing as a proven technology – the Jetliner® Xceed for four-color printing and the Jetliner® Monochrome for single-color black printing. With both solutions, you can realize the fastest process from the paper roll to digitally printed corrugated board. Both create unmatched flexibility: for example, excellent print on very light-weight papers of any type. A “game-changer” vision has made its way into a corrugator line from BHS Corrugated. That’s FLEX Line.

Don't disturb.

Intelligent paper logistics at work.

FLEX Line integrates two key components for end-to-end digital paper logistics. One is the Reel Stand RS-A and the other is autonomous intralogistics with iMotion. Together they ensure safe, carbon-reduced, and 100% error-free workflows from the paper roll to production to the ERP – with no human intervention in-between. Exactly what corrugated board producers need to react to short-runners and fast order changes. That's FLEX Line.

Consumers are smarter than ever.

So make packaging smart, too.

FLEX Line comes with two systems that let you benefit from the smart packaging trend: iLFS (Intelligent Line Following System) and iCMC (Intelligent Cut to Mark Control). Together they ensure optimized splice synchronization and format changeover – enabling great flexibility, controllability, and quality throughout the process. As a result, pre-printed information always appears in the perfect place on the box. Supported by closed-loop readjustment. That’s unique. That’s FLEX Line.

Fast change: The new normal?

Here's the machine that keeps up.

FLEX Line features a new Single Facer – the CF-A. Its combination of cassette and belt technology makes it the ideal solution for frequent order and quality changes. And that’s just one aspect of flexibility. Whether it’s extending the order mix, including very light-weight grammages, or using the inner side of the box for print … along with fast and easy integration: That’s CF-A, the dedicated machine for the FLEX Line.

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What is the Box Plant 2025?

A full-scale portfolio of future-oriented solutions and services – aiming at lower costs and higher productivity throughout the complete box plant. 

Where can I get answers from the BHS Corrugated experts?

Please send an e-mail to boxplant@bhs-world.com. Ask for an appointment and we’ll get back to you asap.

When can I order the Box Plant 2025?

A range of products and solutions are already available. The Box Plant 2025 allows you to start immediately and upgrade your box plant with our future innovations.

Will the Box Plant 2025 remain unchanged from the start?

The Box Plant 2025 will continue to evolve dynamically over time – in line with technological progress and new applications. Thanks to its modular structure, you can smoothly integrate upcoming new technologies any time.

Is RSR® digital printing part of it – and is it available today?

Yes, it’s one of the key innovations. Requiring less machines, less intermediate storage, and more than 50% reduction in staff. After successfully piloting in leading corrugating plants, we will fully introduce RSR® (Roll to printed Sheet in Real Time).

Will autonomous intralogistics be part of the Box Plant 2025?

Yes, it will be one of the core elements. Powered by digital technologies and applications, it will enable minimized storage and intelligent material handling.

How will it increase my competitiveness?

Your factory becomes self-learning, energy-efficient, lean, and demand-oriented. You can react more flexibly to customer demands and new market situations. You will improve all input and output factors of your production.

What does it consist of?

Automation systems (Corrugated 4.0), remote and on-site services, and digital solutions for the corrugator, digital inline printing, and autonomous intralogistics.


How can you get Box Plant 2025 ready? Contact us – we’ll be glad to advise you!
Or send an e-mail to: boxplant@bhs-world.com

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