UPDATE: COVID-19 (Corona) - Information to all customers of BHS Corrugated

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Not without pride, we are pleased to inform you that even with the circumstances created by Covid-19, we have been able to achieve almost 100% reliability in supply of corrugators, corrugating rolls and spare parts worldwide. One of the great challenges is to have specialists available in person at all locations around the world. In this respect, it helps us today to direct and successfully manage our local installation, service and start-up personnel in most regions of the world through our iCorr® Online Support. Our iCorr® solution has also enabled us to successfully commission corrugators and aggregates in the USA, the Czech Republic and Spain. Also, many service interventions could be carried out remotely through our iCorr® online solutions.

We are following the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute worldwide, equipping employees for service work with protective clothing and equipment and following local legal regulations. Approximately 50% of all BHS Corrugated employees in non-production areas are now working with home office arrangements and virtual meeting rooms.

All iCorr® services, help desk staff, customer service representatives, project managers and contact persons are and will remain available to you as normal.

Additionally, we have been very successfully offering virtual training since April.
For more information, please contact us at training@bhs-world.com or visit our iCorr® Shop where our training can be requested starting from July, 14th 2020.

Spare Parts are supplied from our 3 distribution centres in Weiherhammer, Germany, Baltimore, USA, and Shanghai, China.

The production at our sites in Germany, the Czech Republic, the USA, Brazil and China are working on current orders and we are protecting our employees with appropriate preventive measures as we focus on maintaining our supply chain.

Together with you, we will make sure that the packaging industry is available to the public during these critical times. Detailed information can be obtained at any time from your contact person at BHS Corrugated.

We take the experiences of the past months with us and “move forward to#TheNewNormality”!


Best regards

BHS Corrugated
Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH

Christian and Lars Engel